I’ve been shortlisted for an award!

I’m delighted to announce that I have been nominated and now shortlisted in the category of Online Business in the JP South Events Sussex – Woman of the Year Awards.

The event is supported by The Mumpreneurs Networking Club, which I have been attending for just over a year.  I have found this an invaluable group for its friendly and supportive atmosphere; it’s a lot of fun but with the serious intent of getting people to connect with other small businesses. Just to clear up an obvious misunderstanding, you don’t have to be a mum to attend or join (I’m not!) or necessarily a woman (I am!) – you just have to want to do business with that demographic. There’s a great feeling of goodwill and friendship at the meetings and the members really start looking forward to seeing people they have been engaging with before. New business and collaboration opportunities seem to flow naturally from these repeat encounters. Social media plays a big part also, with new members recruited via Twitter and Facebook, and active sharing and retweeting of members’ activities.

I’m particularly pleased to be nominated in a local newspaper group’s awards as my focus is very much on working with small local businesses. I have chosen a niche which corresponds to my own interests and knowledge, namely local food, events, gardening, and the environment (see my previous post for more about that) and it certainly seems to have enhanced my credibility. My contacts tell me how much they appreciate my sharing and retweeting of their posts, which I do just as much in the spirit of promoting local business and events as for raising my own profile!

Winners will be announced on 30th November. The Online Business award is sponsored by Meghan Fenn, active Mumpreneur, author of Bringing up Brits, ace web designer and proprietor of White Ochre Design.

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