Attention to detail

Attention to detail is so important to what I do as a social media marketer, and I believe it is one of my traits that my clients most appreciate. I work hard to really get to know what makes my clients and their businesses tick, and a big part of that is picking up on the little things that set them apart from their competitors, or finding posts on social media that may be of interest to them and could bring in new customers of collaborators.

Today I received some very important personal documents and I need to read them carefully, choose options, and return them with some personal ID. I am appalled to see that they’ve got a fundamental detail wrong: my name, despite them having had it on file for 20 years. They have put it down throughout the documents as Diane. My name is not Diane but Diana. Diane is a different name from mine, one I don’t like, and above it is NOT my name. If a financial institution can’t get my name right, what else is it doing wrong?

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