Tell us where you are!

Taken on my recent trip to Cuba

Taken on my recent trip to Cuba

It usually starts when I am followed by a business on social media, or spot an interesting share or retweet. I click through to their account for a closer look and to see where they are, and at most I see “UK” or “International”. I click through again to their website and click all over the place for their location and find nothing, or maybe just a mobile phone number with no indication of their whereabouts (and using just a mobile phone number can, in some circumstances, look downright unprofessional).

I work a lot with local businesses, and make a point of using local enterprises as much as possible in my work and personal life; it comes out of a wish to be greener and to support a fellow local business, so it’s frustrating when I can’t see where a company is based.

I do understand that some small companies cover the whole country (or beyond) and do not wish to be seen as tied to one area, but it’s quite easy to state the areas covered on social media and websites. I can also see that it can be a privacy issue especially for a woman working from home, but I’m not suggesting a full address as a town or county will easily suffice. It’s an area that a business might also need to reconsider as their company grows; perhaps there is now an office telephone number that has not been updated to all the webpages, social media sites and online directories.

So please tell us where you are!

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