I am very pleased to be working with AllClear Insurance Services, writing on a wide range of subjects to broaden the appeal of their blog. Their target market is the over-50s and people with medical histories which make it more difficult to buy travel insurance. My remit is to write about general subjects that interest their demographic, not just about insurance or the age/health issues they face. As far as I’m concerned I’m making no assumptions about the limitations the audience may have, just as the company tries to make insurance work for them where others may refuse them a policy. … Continue reading

A good summer for a social media marketer

I have now been in business for nearly 18 months and I’m very pleased with my progress so far! I specialise in social media marketing for small businesses, mainly in the food, gardening, events, hospitality and green sectors. My way of working is to find out what makes the client and their product or service tick, then to research their market and set up Twitter and Facebook pages for them. It’s all about creating engagement with suppliers, customers, and other interested parties. Last year I gained my first client, Tuppenny Barn Organics, whose proprietor I knew through being a customer at Chichester farmers market and … Continue reading