A change of direction

Things have been quiet at DMSMM Towers for some time: apologies for that. A period of physical inactivity following a knee injury last summer, with the help of some business coaching, eventually led to a major rethink. The outcome of this is that I am stepping away from routine social media (such as account setup and management) in favour of more blog post and web copy writing for clients. There will be some exceptions for present and previous clients and those in my niche areas of artisan food, the environment, and health/wellbeing. For instance I am currently promoting a Kickstarter … Continue reading

A Point about Pinned Posts

  Pinned posts have been available in Facebook business pages and on Twitter for some time now. They offer a great opportunity to tell the reader more about what you do, or your latest news. If you  aren’t using pinned posts you probably should think about doing so!!   There is just one point that you need to bear in mind:  The pinned post needs to be refreshed often, otherwise it can look to the casual viewer as if you haven’t posted lately! I recently saw one pinned post on Twitter dated 2014 while the user had actually tweeted that very day. Don’t let … Continue reading

Tell us where you are!

It usually starts when I am followed by a business on social media, or spot an interesting share or retweet. I click through to their account for a closer look and to see where they are, and at most I see “UK” or “International”. I click through again to their website and click all over the place for their location and find nothing, or maybe just a mobile phone number with no indication of their whereabouts (and using just a mobile phone number can, in some circumstances, look downright unprofessional). I work a lot with local businesses, and make a point … Continue reading

Diana Morgan Social Media Marketing is now brought to you by solar energy!

Diana Morgan Social Media Marketing is now brought to you by solar energy! One of my niche marketing areas is the green sector so I am very pleased to put my money where my mouth is (and save some money on the way). The installation was completed last Thursday morning and I was impressed to see that the pv panels were generating electricity even on a very dull day. The system has a diverter to fill up our water tank before exporting any excess to the National Grid, so we’ll be saving some gas too. I’m a member of a team … Continue reading