Tell us where you are!

It usually starts when I am followed by a business on social media, or spot an interesting share or retweet. I click through to their account for a closer look and to see where they are, and at most I see “UK” or “International”. I click through again to their website and click all over the place for their location and find nothing, or maybe just a mobile phone number with no indication of their whereabouts (and using just a mobile phone number can, in some circumstances, look downright unprofessional). I work a lot with local businesses, and make a point … Continue reading

Justunfollow? I might just do that!

A frequent offender of the Twitter feed is the automated tweet saying how many people have followed/unfollowed the tweeter. A major reason I feel this way is (and I know I’m not alone in this) is that I simply don’t want to see that sort of post, especially multiplied by the number of people doing it! So, especially if that person tweets very little else, I’ll be inclined to join their unfollower statistics. Are you guilty of such tweets? It may be that you signed up for it when you first joined Twitter and have since forgotten all about it; simply look at … Continue reading

A good summer for a social media marketer

I have now been in business for nearly 18 months and I’m very pleased with my progress so far! I specialise in social media marketing for small businesses, mainly in the food, gardening, events, hospitality and green sectors. My way of working is to find out what makes the client and their product or service tick, then to research their market and set up Twitter and Facebook pages for them. It’s all about creating engagement with suppliers, customers, and other interested parties. Last year I gained my first client, Tuppenny Barn Organics, whose proprietor I knew through being a customer at Chichester farmers market and … Continue reading