How can I help your business?

My preferred approach with a new client is to have a full fact-finding meeting where I find out what makes them and their product or service tick. I then research their market and set up social media channels for them – at present mainly Twitter and Facebook pages, The next stage is to follow appropriate companies and individuals and engage with them to spread the message for my client. Please note that I only offer setup services for businesses and organisations in my niche areas of food, gardening, events, heritage, travel, hospitality, health, complementary therapies, and the environment.

All of the above is done for a fixed fee agreed with the client. Because of my initial fact-find I am able to help my client engage with their ideal customers, suppliers, and clients.

For businesses already using social media, I can carry out a review of what they are doing and make recommendations for improvement, or help with problems and queries on a one-to-one basis. I am also able to offer a regular coaching service.

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