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Diana MorganI am very pleased to be working with AllClear Insurance Services, writing on a wide range of subjects to broaden the appeal of their blog. Their target market is the over-50s and people with medical histories which make it more difficult to buy travel insurance. My remit is to write about general subjects that interest their demographic, not just about insurance or the age/health issues they face. As far as I’m concerned I’m making no assumptions about the limitations the audience may have, just as the company tries to make insurance work for them where others may refuse them a policy.

So far I have written posts about a recent specialist trip to Cuba, gardening in spring time, what steps to take to keep your garden looking good while you’re on holiday, Palma de Mallorca as a city break destination, and how to avoid (or otherwise) the World Cup!

Here is my blog post about Palma, as a taster of what I can do.

I hope this news goes some way to explaining my radio silence over the past months, while I have been focusing on my writing. I have also been concentrating on my eco-retail business EcoStepByStep – strapline: helping you tread lightly on the Earth – where I blog about environmental issues and retail a hugh range of eco-friendly, healthy, and natural products..

I enjoy writing and have been advised that I have a good writing style. In the light of this new opportunity with AllClear I feel as if I am finding my voice and have something to offer to wider audiences. My niche areas are food, gardening, events, heritage, travel, hospitality, health, complementary therapies, and the environment. I feel that that I do a better job writing about issues I know and care about, rather than If you know of any businesses or organisations which might like me to write regular or occasional posts like this, please ask them to get in touch!


A change of direction

Things have been quiet at DMSMM Towers for some time: apologies for that. A period of physical inactivity following a knee injury last summer, with the help of some business coaching, eventually led to a major rethink.

The outcome of this is that I am stepping away from routine social media (such as account setup and management) in favour of more blog post and web copy writing for clients. There will be some exceptions for present and previous clients and those in my niche areas of artisan food, the environment, and health/wellbeing. For instance I am currently promoting a Kickstarter crowdfunding project for Stansted Park Farm Shop which will part fund their expansion plans.

I will also be concentrating more on what I have up until now considered a sideline: my eco-retail business EcoStepByStep, and other environmental activities such as being one of a team of Climate Ambassadors for the National Federation of Women’s Institutes.

Eco worrier to eco warrior? Perhaps that’s next…

This short radio interview tells you a bit more about me!

This short clip is from a radio interview I did with Tino from Business Radio recently. It tells you a little about my social media business and my eco-retail business.

The opportunity to do the interview arose at a special event arranged by The Mumpreneurs Networking Club, of which I am an active member. They organised a bus tour of four locations, and I attended the one at Guildford. It was great fun, and a chance to connect with some people I already knew and many that I did not.

I hope you enjoy the interview. Feel free to ask me any questions not covered here!


A Point about Pinned Posts

photo   Pinned posts have been available in Facebook business pages and on Twitter for some time now. They offer a great opportunity to tell the reader more about what you do, or your latest news. If you  aren’t using pinned posts you probably should think about doing so!!   There is just one point that you need to bear in mind:  The pinned post needs to be refreshed often, otherwise it can look to the casual viewer as if you haven’t posted lately! I recently saw one pinned post on Twitter dated 2014 while the user had actually tweeted that very day. Don’t let your followers think there is tumbleweed blowing through your account or they may not want to do business with you!